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Chromosome 22 Central supports all
chromosome 22 disorders

22q11.2 Deletion (Velocardiofacial and DiGeorge Syndrome),
22q11 Microduplication Syndrome, Emanuel Syndrome and the 11/22 translocation,
Cat Eye Syndrome, Mosaic Trisomy 22,
Complete Trisomy 22, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (22q13 deletion, Chromosome 22 Ring),
and many unique chromosome 22 conditions.

Raising the Goddess of Spring: A guide for parents raising children with rare chromosome disorders

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 Compassion, Connection, Community.

Stronger, together. Since 1996.

C22C Celebrates 25 years!joaquin

September 2021 marked C22C's 25th year of supporting families. Started with a handful of families who have children with what is now known as Emanuel syndrome, our group has grown to support thousands of families in over 40 countries and growing.

In celebration of this milestone, we hosted a Virtual Speakers Series on topics relevant to our members: mental health for parents, advocacy and goal setting, the 22q11 deletion and duplication, and the 11/22 translocation.

VISIT OUR EVENTS PAGE for free recordings of these events!

All new for 2022!
Download our free guidebook on Emanuel Syndrome.


Read our 2021 Engagement Survey. We listened and made many changes at the suggestions of our members!

 evyn and momWhat is C22C?

C22C is a global collection of parents and people affected by chromosome 22 disorders who connect, advocate and grow, together. Our mission to is to spread awareness, and offer support and information on all chromosome 22 disorders.

Our website is a hub for people to find immediate connections with others through our various social media platforms, and to find basic information and links to other resources. Started in 1996 with just 17 families of children with what is now known as Emanuel syndrome, C22C has grown over the past 25 years into a community for anyone needing support or information about any of the disorders of chromosome 22.


Our families come together to find connections around the world.